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Dental Services:

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We can improve your smile with the wide range of dental services offered at our clinic in Aylmer Gatineau:

Dental exams, cleanings and oral cancer screening.

We offer professional teeth whitening services. Our dentists will first make sure that you have had your cleaning and dental examination in the last three months and that all caries have been repaired to avoid sensitivity problems. Then, impressions of your teeth are taken and personalized trays are made. The patient applies the whitening gel at home and regular follow-ups are done by the dentist. The length of treatment depends on the initial color of the teeth and the desired result. The benefit of home whitening is the ability to do touch-ups as needed in subsequent years in order to keep your teeth white.

We offer a variety of aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry services: fillings, conventional and implant crowns, bridges, veneers, crowns in one session using CEREC technology, full mouth reconstructions. Having completed many continuing education courses both in Canada and abroad, our dentists use the latest and most advanced techniques to create your dream smile. We can help you replace a missing tooth with a fixed bridge or an implant. Our clinic also features CEREC technology that allows us to take a digital impression of your tooth and create your new ceramic crown or restoration, on site, in one appointment. Our dentists also have extensive expertise in full mouth reconstructions.

Root canal treatment is performed when the pulp is damaged or infected by tooth decay or trauma. During the procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and sealed with biocompatible materials. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and an abscess may form. The root canal thus saves a tooth that would otherwise require extraction.

Complete or partial dentures.

The night guard is an appliance used for patients who suffer from teeth grinding, clenching or jaw problems. This acrylic device is worn mostly at night and prevents premature wear of your teeth.

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We perform simple and complex dental extractions. We also offer the wisdom teeth extraction service. It is recommended to examine the wisdom teeth around the age of 15-16 years to determine their presence, their orientation, the relationship with the adjacent structures and check the progress of their development. A wisdom tooth in a bad position can cause several undesirable problems such as infection, pain, cysts, caries. At the clinic, we have a 3D Scan, a highly technological device that allows us to take three-dimensional images to better plan the surgery and reduce the risk of complications.

If you have a dental problem, pain or an emergency that requires a quick response and action, our team will be available help you.

Our dentists provide pediatric dentistry services and will take care of your child's oral health.

Our dentists believe in providing dental care in the most natural way possible. We are aware of the fact that the health of your teeth is impacted by the health of the rest of your body. Guided by this philosophy, our holistic dentists educate our patients about how simple changes can positively affect their oral health. In addition, our practice is mercury-free and we use only bio-compatible products and materials. Our goal is to provide every patient with top-quality personalised dental care, utilizing the safest materials.

Our clinic has its own on-site, full service dental laboratory where are created the restorations by using the latest technology. Our lab allows us to offer our patients the highest quality solutions for their smile, quickly and easily.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest three-dimensional cone beam computed tomography. This highly technological device allows our dentists to better plan virtually different surgical procedures as it produces 3D images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone. Whether for dental implant placement, anatomical assessment for dental extractions or to evaluate lesions in the maxillofacial area, the tri-dimension radiology represents an indispensable tool that we are using to provide superior care to our patients. We also accept external references for CBCT radiology from other dental professionals.

Dentist Team:

Dr. Veronika Vraykova

Dr Vraykova

Dr. Marco Silva Montoya

Dr Silva

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48 rue Principale, Gatineau, Qc. J9H 3L3

About us:

Dear Patients, we would like to welcome you to Prestige Dental Clinic located in the heart of Aylmer, Gatineau! When you visit our modern dental clinic, we want you to feel at ease and at home. Our experienced dentists in Gatineau will take care of you and will help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. They will also get to know you and will take the extra mile to educate you about how to better maintain your oral health. We strive to create a positive atmosphere that is always relaxed and welcoming. We believe in quality service and would like to ensure our patients are happy with our service. Our general family dental practice has been part of the Gatineau-Aylmer community for over 30 years. Doctors Silva and Vraykova are professional, passionate about dentistry and eager to maintain a high level of oral health in their patients. Dr Silva and Dr Vraykova are very detailed in their work and offer excellent care to each patient, by incorporating a personal approach. The multiple continuing education courses that they have completed, both in Canada and abroad, allow them to perform a variety of dental procedures, in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. By using the most current dental technologies and techniques, our experienced Gatineau dentists will help you achieve the healthiest and brightest smile that you can be proud of. We are dedicated to excellence! We warmly welcome new patients and emergencies and we proudly serve the surrounding areas of Outaouais, Hull, Gatineau, Aylmer, Glenwood, Wychwood, Pontiac, Luskville and Plateau! Our mission is to make people live healthier and happier lives by providing the best possible dental care and to improve their smiles : )